The GoVision TV is a unique product in the outdoor television market. Most products advertised for outdoor use utilize modified indoor consumer products by casing the televisions to protect the delicate electronics for outdoor use; whereas the GoVision TV is manufactured for outdoor use and can boast an IP 65 rating. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, most modified indoor televisions advertised for outdoor use do not have near the brightness of the GoVision TV. For example, the GoVision TV is rated at 5,500 nits (cd/m2) and is almost seven (7) times brighter than a leading outdoor “super bright” television rated at 700 nits (cd/m2). Accordingly, the GoVision TV can be viewed in full sunlight without any deterioration of the picture quality; very similar to a an outdoor, stadium video board in your favorite team’s stadium.

Lastly, the majority of outdoor television products currently available in the market are consumer television manufacturers that have modified their televisions for outdoor use. Conversely, GoVision, the manufacturer of GoVision TV, is one of the nation’s leading outdoor LED screen providers; providing large format LED screens for over 1,000 stadium, venue and festival events each year and is the architect for the world’s largest, outdoor, center-hung, stadium video board screen that debuted at Bristol Motor Speedway earlier this year.

Perfect for any patio, yard, or pool deck the GoVision TV is the perfect compliment for any outdoor entertainment area.

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